His Sleepy Smiles

About me

The birth of our son James (aka JJ) on May 29th 2015 has inspired me to share my experiences of being a first time mother, everything from the way it makes me feel, the challenges and joys I face and how I raise my son in this world.

I am originally from the Faroe Islands and have been living in bonnie Scotland since 2008. Yikes that is 8 years, where has the time gone. I meet my lovely fiancé here in Scotland in 2012, it only took me 4 years. We got engaged in July 2014 and shortly after fund out that we were going on the journey of parenthood together.

I have a bachelor degree in Marine Biology and a Masters of Research in Marine Mammal Science. However at the moment I am taking some time out to be a full time mamma to our 10 month old son and keeping our home a fun place to be.

I am a semiprofessional photographer and especially love capturing glowing mammas to be and little ones. I enjoy being creative and express this through my photography, crafts and cooking/baking.

You might wonder which subjects will be on my blog. Well anything and everything that is going on in my life and that of my family. I will take you with me on my journey of motherhood, both the ups and downs. Hopefully there will be plenty of picture for you to look at too.

Iris Xx


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