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Helena and her growing family

On my visit in the Faroe Islands in November I got to photograph Helena, Hanus, Diana and baby bump.  I have known Helena since we were in school and getting to document such an exciting time in their lives was an honour. To me there is nothing more beautiful than an expecting mother.  They might…… Continue reading Helena and her growing family

His Sleepy Smiles

Mid week adventure at Gordon Castle Walled Garden

I like having a routine  and to do set things on set days.  We have days when we go to toddler groups, swim lessons and 8 hours each week JJ is with his childminder (this is when I clean the house, do laundry, cook and blog) .  Wednesday is our midweek adventure day.  I love…… Continue reading Mid week adventure at Gordon Castle Walled Garden

His Sleepy Smiles · photography

Familyshoot in Trongisvági, Faroe Islands

Jóhanna, Bergur and Finnur brought their baby cousin Hilaria with them to their photoshoot.  It was a wet day and as I arrived on location I was not sure if the shoot would go ahead.  But this was the last day of Hilarias visit, so we decided to try.  I am very glad that we…… Continue reading Familyshoot in Trongisvági, Faroe Islands